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Your Life as a Business Model

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I’m a big fan of simple ways to look at complex patterns. I’ve realized that a lot of business problems boil down to not clearly defining the relationships between the day-to-day activities and end results. So tools like Business Model Canvas really help you see the essence of a business and how you can make adjustments at a very high level. Here’s an example for Etsy.

You can apply the same techniques to your job and even more broadly, your life: What does your life like if it were a business?

The personal Business Model Canvas is based on the same 9 building blocks as the original model with some small changes to the definitions of each component.

Personal Business Model Canvas

This is a great tool if you’re thinking about a career change, new job or different ways to approach the one you have now. Creating a 1-page blueprint really forces you to back up from the day-to-day routine and think about intention and some of the larger questions:

Why is it you do what you do?

What motivates you?

How do you really impact other people?

Business Model You BookThe first step is to take an inventory of your skills, interests and relationships. Once you do the homework, being able to jot down a 1-page canvas helps you figure out insights you might have missed.

For instance, you might be better at starting projects than running and maintaining them. Would you be better off changing from employee to contractor? Can you contract out some things, freeing up more time to focus on others? Maybe there are certain things you realize you just won’t get from the same job that pays the bills, so you think about starting a non-profit.

Not all changes need to be drastic. What if you just made changes in the customer & channel blocks with how you interacted with other people?

A small change in how you communicate can have huge impacts. Could you cut down on emails by making yourself 100% available during certain periods, but offline during others so you can focus on getting things done? Should you start posting short how-to videos for questions you keep coming across?

It might sound a little strange to go through this exercise, but it really helps you map out getting from where you are to where you want to be.


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Ryan Leatherbury • July 12, 2015

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