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Putting Style above Function

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My little girl loves to take pens from my desk and leave me scrounging for whatever odd pen or pencil that I can find. The other day, I managed to find one pushed way back in a drawer that she missed. Not long after starting to write with it, the pen inadvertently snapped shut. I pushed the top end, started up again and by the end of the second word, it snapped shut again.

I realized unlike most pens where you push the top to extract or retract the point, this one used the retaining clip to retract. And when I write, I rest my thumb against the clip, there’s enough pressure trigger shut.

They probably thought it would be cool to change convention and use the side clip instead of the top push button. But not only did it make the pen nearly unusable to me, I couldn’t use the clip either because the retractor button protrudes out making it tough to slid over anything you’re fastening against.

They ended up putting style over the main function. Gee what if we were to use the clip to retract. But you’re left with a pen that constantly slams shut when you’re trying to write. The same lesson could apply to any software product where you get too cute with the design and confuse the users.

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Ryan Leatherbury • November 3, 2014

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