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Put Your Ideas into Motion Using this Simple Tool

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You can have all the ideas in the world, but they do little good without taking action.

In an earlier post, I wrote about the life-changing daily habit of creating a list of 10 ideas. But one of the challenges is looking back on your list and figuring out where to apply your energy.

So how do you organize and prioritize?

640px-Simple-kanban-board-After a few months of flipping back and forth between journal pages to review and figure out which ideas I’d focus on, I started using Trello, a free on-line tool for creating and managing lists. This system allows you to focus energy on the 1% of ideas with the most potential.

You can create lists for each stage in a simple Kanban board. Kanban is a scheduling system developed by Toyota to improve production and adopted by software companies that use a lean development process. Each step on the board is represented by a column.

The most simple board has 3 columns: To Do, Doing, Done. So your board might start out looking like this.


The main idea in Kanban is to limit the number of things that you’re currently working on (Work in Progress Limit).  Once you’re finished with a task and move it to Done, only then can you move the next thing from the To Do list.

Trello allows you to create, drag and drop virtual cards to your lists. This allows you to easy rank and adjust the order in your To Do list. You can add the date of the entry in the Description field for quick reference later on.

This simple technique helps put your best ideas into motion.


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Ryan Leatherbury • March 8, 2015

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