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Why I’m Going to Work at AlienVault

by When the recruiter first contacted me, I didn’t know much about AlienVault. I quickly learned that they are a fast growing, private company with about 200 employees that provides security monitoring software for mid-sized businesses. It didn’t take me long to realize they had a very good thing going and that I wanted to…

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A Look at Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots

by In 1952, Kurt Vonnegut wrote his first novel, Player Piano about a future society that is completely automated with no need for human workers. This created a split between the upper class which owned the machines, and everyone else. 63 years later, in Rise of the Robots, Martin Ford makes the case that we’re…

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A Primer on Business Metrics with Lean Analytics

by There are 2 types of companies: Ones that track business metrics and ones that should. If you’re in a company that does, you’ll want to check out Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz. So can you relate to this one? How will we know we’re successful with the product launch? You need…

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5 Must-Read Books on Building Great Products

by Product development is 1 part learning good habits and 1 part breaking bad ones. I cringe thinking back to the days of writing a 100-page product requirements document and throwing it over the wall to the development team. Long business plan documents based on rosy assumptions. Thick product specs. No customer demos until the…

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INFOGRAPHIC: The ABC’s of Product Management

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Does Technology Centralize or Decentralize Money and Power?

by One of the things I think about a lot is how different technologies tend to centralize or decentralize money, power and political influence. Back in the middle ages, castles were a decentralizing technology because they were tough to defeat at least until canons came along. Artillery was very centralizing because it made it easier…

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